Wellness Studio

The Wellness Studio offers a variety of classes, delivered by our experienced trainers to support those with a wide range of disabilities and health issues.


Classes include: 


Get Up and Go 

Cancer Rehabilitation 

Mental Health and Neuro Rehabilitation

And more… 


Check out the full timetable here.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified trainers has significant experience of working with and helping those with a wide range of disabilities and health issues. Our specialist care and one to one attention can help show you how to achieve the results you want so that you do not have to worry about feeling out of place or not knowing what to do. Our dedicated professionals will take you step by step through everything on each and every session you want so that you ensure not only that what you are doing is safe and right for you but that also the time you spend exercising is fun.

Where we are

Lodge farm Community Centre, Crest wood  Road,  Northampton NN3 8JJ

Please note, the Wellness Studio is not an open-access gym, meaning the space is only open to provide specific classes. It's not a gym for working out independently.


Don’t forget that with your Wellness Studio + Online Membership, you also get access to ALL our online classes and on demand content too, so you can keep up with your fitness at home too.

New members will be required to have a telephone on in-person assessment with now of our team before their first class, so we can be best assess your needs and accommodate you at the gym.