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Complementary Therapies

At Fitness Without Boundaries we like to offer a wide range of services and our partners help us do this. Complementary physical and/or psychological approaches include tai chi, yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, spinal manipulation, art therapy, music therapy, dance, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and many others. These approaches are often administered or taught by a trained practitioner or teacher.

  • These services are all done by our partners and will be done as extra class or 1-2-1. 

  • Furthermore, because these are extra services their is another fee on top of your payment. 

  • To book please contact and she will help you. 


Reiki Healing 

Reiki is a type of energy healing and is a complementary therapy. It is sometimes used as a palliative or supportive therapy for people with cancer. Summary. The Japanese word Reiki means universal energy. It aims to relax you, ease stress and tension and help with well being.

Sound Therapy

It involves using specialized sound frequencies to create a therapeutic atmosphere to promote deep rest, nervous system rebalancing, and emotional release. Ideally, a hypnotic, meditative or theta brainwave state is created which allows access to deeper levels of inner wisdom and healing

Singing Bowl Sound Healing
Cupping therapy

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient healing method that may ease back pain, neck pain, headaches and other issues. It uses suction to pull on your skin and increase blood flow to the affected area. 


Yoga brings the body and mind together and is built on three main elements – movement, breathing and meditation. Yoga has many physical and mental health benefits including improved posture, flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.

Yoga Instructor
Psychic Stones

Crystal Therapy

The belief behind crystal therapy is that individual stones such as amethyst, rose quartz and jade have the ability to communicate with the energy flow of the human body and help to realign the energy channels that are interrupting the natural flow of the body and help it heal itself.

Massage Therapy

Physical benefits of massage include:

Improved circulation. Decreased muscle stiffness. Decreased joint inflammation.

Singing Bowl Sound Healing


Yoga Group

Mindfulness meditation, a very common contemplative practice used to attain a conscious state of awareness, acceptance, openness and non-reactivity, was first modified in 1979 into a complementary health therapeutic practice

Tai - Chi

What is tai chi? Tai chi is a practice that involves a series of slow gentle movements and physical postures, a meditative state of mind, and controlled breathing. Tai chi originated as an ancient martial art in China. Over the years, it has become more focused on health promotion and rehabilitation.

Tai Chi Group Practice
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